Homeschooling On Budget?

Homeschooling costs can add up, even if you have a large budget!

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Are you looking for ways to cut the costs of homeschooling. This book is the perfect resource!

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You can find a host of free virtual field trips in this eBook including Greece, Yellowstone, Washington DC and a number of amazing museums!

Do You Need Supplemental Material for Your Current Curriculum?

We have tons of valuable website that offer supplemental materials from educational videos to printable worksheets or even interactive games! This is perfect for breaking up a curriculum that might not quite suit your child's learning style.

Do you need a Complete Curriculum for Free?

Some seasons are leaner than others. Perhaps a free curriculum is what you have to budget for. Maybe you spent your budget on a curriculum that just isn't working. We have a list of free curriculum and resources to help you piece together a curriculum that works for YOU!

You Can Create Breathing Room in Your Budget!

You can use our free budgeting pages at the end of the book to help keep your homeschool budget in check. We have included 4 pages of printables, and a list of stores that offer homeschoolers' discounts to help you when you need to spend money on homeschooling!

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