5 ways to start your bad day over, and get a fresh perspective on your day.

There are some days where things are not going as planned. Someone is shouting, tired or just grouchy. It’s hard to get anything accomplished on these days. Here are five easy ways to walk away from a bad day and get a fresh start:

1. Have a “Dance Party”.

Put on some fun dance music and groove with your kids until you all feel better. We like to dance to “It’s All About That Bass” in our house.

2. Have a picnic.

If weather allows you to go outside pack a lunch and take a blanket out on the lawn or to a local park. If the weather is poor then have a picnic indoors.

3. Read a book together on the couch.

Sometimes all you need is a little togetherness with your kids to reset a mood. Grab a book and snuggle together on the couch and take turns reading to each other.

4. Walk away from each other.

Other times we may need a little space and the best solution is for everyone to go do their own thing for just a little bit. Lay the baby down for a nap, let the kids watch a movie and grab yourself a coffee.

5. Get Moving

Go outside, take a nature walk or go for a romp at the playground. Get some energy out and boost your mood with a little sunshine.

Bonus Suggestion:

When we really need it, we go for an ice cream run or a doughnut run or some special treat. This is the one we do the least so it is extra special on the days we really, truly need it.

5 ways to restart a bad day

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