Since Music can become one of the “forgotten homeschool subjects”, often due to expense I’ve compiled a list of free resources. These sites will help provide the information to teach an instrument as close to free as possible; besides of course the expense of the instrument itself.

Amazing List of Free Music Lessons for Homeschoolers


Here at the Fraggle house, Boober took a music class at a local college and LOVED it. He still talks about it to this day. Because of that we bought him a guitar and small drum set to keep his love of music going. I’ve been looking for a small piano to teach him, but they are expensive. Mokey the destroyer has already attempted to rip the strings from his guitar. Until she is a tad gentler, I might hold off and use one of the piano apps available on our Kindle or contact a local church.
Here is my list of sites that offer lessons in a variety of instruments for free:

Music Enrichment

Exploratorium Museum

The Exploratorium Museum of Music, filled with online exhibits for children to explore!

Classics for kids

Lesson plans games and activities ideas for grades K-5.

Making Music Fun

An abundance of free online music lessons for various instruments.


Piano Technicians Guild

Filled with lesson plans, care sheets, games, worksheets and many more resources

Hoffman Academy

Free video lessons for children

Zebra Keys

Over 50 free piano lessons with different degrees of expertise


Preschool level Piano Lessons


Hundreds of free guitar lessons
Students will learn and master the basics of Guitar with this free site




String Bass

Also don’t forget local resources like your church, neighbors, or even a local college!

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