We recently had the opportunity to review a Biblically-based science curriculum, Science ShepherdThe Introductory Science course which we received is designed for ages 6-11. Each course covers a range of ages, which is great with the multiple ages I teach, I will be able to use the same course for both the younger students at once! I love when a curriculum teaches to multiple ages, and multiple learning styles.

Science Shepherd Review
My son is a little young for the recommended age group, but he loves science, so I thought we would give it a try. To be honest with you, we’ve actually already been through 3 different science curriculums within the last one and a half years.  Since my son is younger we started with the Introductory Science Level A which is recommended for ages 6 through 8.  My son, Boober,  is just on the cusp of turning five.

What I Like… 

What I really like about Science Shepherd was the way that their introductory science actually covered quite a few different aspects of science as far as Earth Science Life Science physical science and we even touched a little bit on chemistry through our experiments.

His curriculum is broken up into 35 weeks of lessons the first two weeks or an interaction the next few weeks go over some earth science then you get into life science and then finally physical science. do you receive a workbook for the students and the curriculum is online. Each lesson features of short video, and some videos feature science experiments.

How We Used It…

To use Science Shepherd we used an HDMI cable to hook your computer up to your TV and watch the science videos.  We were able to new them just like a regular show! The curriculum was designed to be taught 5 days a week.  This is usually how we set up our science schedule, with the exception of field trip days, because my son loves science so much. I really mean he LOVES science, at four years old, he walks around telling his dad what a molecule is!!

This curriculum was super easy to supplement with library books and when we saw a Bible verse it was so nice to be able to go in and discuss with the children all of the amazing things that our Father has done for us.

Science Shepherd Review
As the work outside the home (and inside the home) homeschooling mom  I couldn’t really appreciate the simplicity of this curriculum.  It was easy to use and require little-to-no setup beyond playing the videos and having the workbook ready for Boober.

To know me is to love me though and of course, I a few extra science experiments in here and there for example during week line where we were learning about geology we smashed geodes!  the week before we were learning about the Ice Age and glaciers, so we froze our own glacier in a freezer!

Who It’s For…

I think this curriculum would be excellent for a visual learner the videos are fantastic for visual students!  If your student has to be more of an auditory learner this curriculum, and the videos included may also be a good choice. My son is more of a kinesthetic learner so I did find that I was adding experiments here and there to supplement just a bit.

I feel like this curriculum is going to be especially useful for new homeschoolers because there is very little set up needed. Everything is in place for you!  A parent would only have to worry about setting up the videos and then help to work on the workbook, which is very easy to do. For a new homeschooler or this will be very underwhelming. I always recommend your first year be as easy as possible!

We had an excellent time with this curriculum and I’m so glad that we were able to participate in this review. Thank you so much to Science Shepherd for including us and take a chance let me get my 4-year-old! We made it all the way 2 weeks and before we ended our school year I will plan to pick it up as soon as we begin again in Fall!

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Science Shepherd Review
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