It’s summer time again! We all know that means relaxation and for some of us even a summer break. Even for those who choose to homeschool year round, summertime usually means that we’re at least taking a little bit of a break and generally finishing out our school year. Here are some ideas for fun relaxing field trips to take during the summer.

Berry Picking:

A good idea for a summer field trip that is fun relaxing and ideally everybody can enjoy is berry picking. Find a nice farm or an orchard locally that offers a pick your own option. You can have some fun to pick berries, learn about the different types of food grown in your area. Research recipes that you can make with your haul. Learn about the fruit like what type of soil or what part of the season it grows best in.

One idea for a summer day trip: Berry picking!

Catch a Local Sports Game:

Local sports team games are often less expensive and offer just as much fun as a larger team. They have specialty nights where you might be able to get in at a discount or they may offer discounts on food. Go out and just have fun catching a game.

Take in a picnic at a local state park:

You can go on a nature walk and enjoy the sunshine. Local state parks often have information you can print off before you go. They also have trail maps to print off, which coincidentally make an excellent lesson on reading maps.

Local Animal Parks:

Find a local animal park. In our area, we have several smaller parks. Locally we have a large cat rescue and one that specializes in reptiles. Local attractions are often fun, less expensive and offer an opportunity for learning. These attractions are all over the place if you look for them.

petting zoo

Spend the day at the farmers market:

Enjoy the sights sounds and smells at your local farmers market. Indulge in some fresh fruit from a local farm, purchase some food from a local vendor. We an excellent baker at our local farm market, as well as a great butcher and some of the best cheese.

Enjoy a free or discounted day at a local museum:

We have a few museums that offer discounts to homeschoolers on certain days of the month. Call or go on their website to find what days or discounts might be best for your trip.

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  1. Great tips! I always wanted a trip to the Zoo with my 2-year-old but with some shocking news about Zoo incidents recently now I’m scared. Maybe I should try local farms and feed the goats instead. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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