In 2016 I took on my most ambitious project to date: The Digital Homeschool Convention. The Digital Homeschool Convention is just like a regular homeschool convention except it is held entirely online. It ran from July 22nd to July 25th this past year and it was what I consider a great success, so we are doing it again this year!

The 2017 Digital Homeschool Convention:

July 3rd- July 9th 2017

The 2017 Digital Homeschool Convention is scheduled for the week of July 3rd. All speaker sessions will be FREE for 5 days. Starting July 3rd we will have 5 speaking sessions released daily for you to watch at your convenience!

What is new this year?

The Sessions:

This year we will have 5 sessions a day to eliminate overwhelm. The topics and the schedule will be officially released in on June 1st. Sessions will be free for 5 days starting from the day that they are released, just as last year.

This year I’d like to give you more then just homeschool topics but also cover you as a family. We want to give you strength in that way as well. Look forward to a few more parenting sessions than last year.

The Freebies:

We will also have our 2017 curriculum guide, but it will be bigger and better! As with last year this will come free with your registration.

And still more to come…..

We are still working with brands to make the 2nd annual Digital Homeschool Convention even better than last year. Please come back for updates. I have big plans once again. Don’t forget to register below to ensure that you make it to the 2017 Digital Homeschool Convention.

You can sign up here >>> Register for the 2017 Convention!

Topics covered last year include:

  • Homeschooling in the Military.
  • Homeschooling with ADHD.
  • Homeschool Multiple Ages.
  • Being a New Homeschool Mom.
  • Homeschooling for Free.
  • Balancing Work and Homeschooling.
  • Staying Organized While Teaching Preschool.
  • How to Incorporate STEM into Your Homeschool.
  • Planning for High School.
  • Using Literature to Teach Writing Skills.
  • Teaching Beyond a Textbook.
  • The Value of Field Trips.
  • Homeschool Planning for the Unorganized Mom.
  • Homeschool Bullies: Dealing with Mean Kids, Cliques, and Mama Drama!
  • 7 Work at Home Ideas for the Homeschooling Mom.
  • Finding Your Childs Learning Style and Teaching to it.
  • How to Make Year-Round Homeschooling Work for You!
  • Teaching the Necessities for Middle/High School English & Language Arts.
  • Developing Language Skills in Primary and Elementary Ages.
  • Teach Social Studies with Family History.
  • How to Make Art Appreciation a Natural Part of Your Home Life.
  • Teaching a Biblical Worldview through the Arts.
  • The Importance of Music and Theatre Education In The Home.
  • You Are Enough, You’ve Got This!- Encouragement For A Homeschool Mom.
  • Creating Homeschool Portfolios.
  • Special Needs Homeschooling.
  • Knowing Your Homeschool Laws and Rights!

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