My name is Holly! I’m a wife and a mother. My husband is Jason and we have been together since I was 17. We have 3 children together: 2 boys and a girl. I began my work-at-home journey as a freelance graphic designer and things just started growing from there!



Home Education

Sort of Charlotte Mason, Sort of Waldorf

If you ask me how long I’ve homeschooled, I usually don’t have a good answer for you. We’ve been doing this pretty much since day one. I am in love with the idea of homeschooling.

My passion for homeschool lies in the fact that it is completely customizable. I love knowing that each of my children has different learning styles, different interests, different passions and different strengths in subjects. I couldn’t imagine someone else, a public school teacher getting to watch them learn and grow the way I get to as a homeschooler.

We also have some amazing fringe benefits: sleeping in, pajamas as our school uniform, knowing the principal, janitor, lunch lady and maintenance department, we don’t need permission slips, and we can create our own schedule and classrooms.

Simple Living


Another topic I talk about here passionately is simple living- or the idea that less is more. I’ve seen so many friends become overwhelmed with today’s fast-paced life, they lose the light in their eyes because of it. I believe that if you pair life down to the important things it all becomes so much more satisfying.

Green Living/Sustainability

Of course, one other thing that I like to talk about is sustainability and eco-conscious living. It’s been a passion of mine for a long time now, but I didn’t feel as empowered to talk about it because I was just fumbling about trying to buy locally and clean in eco-friendly ways. Now that I have lived and learned and made MANY MANY mistakes, I have a lot to say about things like greenwashing, recycling, gardening and more! I also just love to talk about and take pictures of my chickens.


Why I Write…

I want At Home With Holly to be a source of encouragement in your life! I know as women we lead hectic lives. We are bombarded with the demands of life, social media, our own self-doubt. At Home With Holly is about creating intentional homes that can be loved and lived in. This means creating breathing room from life’s demands, helping your manage your time, organize, live healthier, get outdoors and be intentional about family.

There is a saying:

“Home is where the heart is…”

How true is that? Here we aim to help you cultivate a happy healthy and intentional home you love. You can connect with us on:




3 Comments on About Me

  1. Where are you located in PA? I am in Harrisburg, do you offer classes locally?

  2. I am not very far from Harrisburg, in fact, I used to go to school in Harrisburg! I don’t teach any classes locally on a regular basis, just speaking events and church workshops, things like that.

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