Everything is now uncharted territory for you.

Much like having your first-born, deciding to homeschool means new and uncharted territory. It can wreak havoc on your nerves. You will second guess your choice but it’s important to remember why you have decided to homeschool in the first place.

You will get tons of unsolicited advice.

You will get a lot of well-meaning advice from others, homeschooling or not. Some advice will be fantastic. Some advice will be mediocre and some advice will be bad.
9 Ways Deciding To Homeschool Is Like Becoming A New Mom: This is so true. You never know what to expect when you start homeschooling. I love this!


You can hold no expectations because each child is different.

Some children are auditory learners, some learn by doing, still others are visual learners. Each child learns best in the manner that suits them best. Its our job as homeschool parents to try to accommodate that the best that we can.

You will have horrible rotten days, but the journey is so rewarding.

Just like the being a new parent there will be a lot of growing pains. They happen all the time as a homeschool parent. There will definitely be those rotten days where nothing goes right, but the day where something clicks, those days make it worth it!

You will question yourself a lot.

Just like all those crazy thoughts you had as a new mom. “Was that cough a whooping-cough?” or “is this poop normal looking?” you will question many things on your homeschooling journey. “Did I buy the right curriculum?” “Are we going to fast? Too slow?” “Am I doing this right?”

And worry about everything.

See Above. Its normal. Take a breathe. You doing just fine!

You fail at some things along the way.

You might buy the wrong curriculum. You might struggle to teach your child math. It’s part of the process. Seek out help, and keep at it. There is no shame in failing, only when you stop trying. Public school is not failing either. You want whats best for your child, as long as you are doing what is right for them, you can not fail.

You will be met with disapproval at some point.

You will meet one of those people you can’t please. Don’t let it get to you too much and move on. You don’t need that negative energy ruining your homeschooling experience anyway.

Everything you do will be worth it.

Enough said!

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