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I am a planner addict.

There I said it. And if you know me, there is not a question about that. There is a deep seeded need for organization in my unorganized brain. I feel so disappointed with myself when I realized I’ve forgotten a doctor’s appointment or a deadline has snaked up without me realizing.

The problem is, I’ve never been able to find the perfect planner to suit my own individual needs before. I’ve tried free for download homeschool planners, online planners, planners purchased at the store. I’ve even created my own.

In all my hunting I’ve found 3 things that truly work for me.

1. The Create 365 planner.

It has tons of add on’s that you can purchase to really customize your planner. It is also a beautiful planner. I love it so much. I love to open it, and each month think about the things I am thankful for, what my goals are, what I plan to read and more. This planner has been amazingly easy to customize and thought to provoke. I love looking at it, it just makes me happy. If you’re looking for a customizable option but don’t have creative skills (or the time) this option is for you!

2. Using multiple planners.

OK, this one sounds a little crazy but again it works. I also like to compartmentalize my life. I have a small planner for doctors appointments, I have one for unit studies, lesson plans, and one that is all encompassing. I also add everything to my Google Calendar which goes everywhere with me. If you can find individual planners that work for different aspects of your life, try using multiple planners. There is nothing wrong with that!

3. Creating my own planner.

There are some amazing tools to do this. I have found it to be a lot easier than I ever imagined to create my own planner from scratch. I love it. I know what I need, so who best to create a planner then me? The best way I found to create my own planner from scratch has been with the Levenger system (which functions well with Staples ARC and My Big Ideas Rings)

The Levenger Starter Kit for $16 

You can get this great starter kit which includes translucent cover and back, 11 discs and 25 sheets of paper including 5 To-Do lists. This is a great and inexpensive way to get started on creating your own custom planner. I highly recommend this starter kit. The discs alone run roughly $5.

Me and My Big Ideas Planner Rings $4.15

I personally love the Me and My Big Ideas Planner Rings. I use these for my planner at home. These Rings are so cute!

Levenger 2 page Punch $19

A Levenger punches for when I create new pages for my planner. I create new pages in Ribbet or Office, then print and punch. Then they are ready to add to my planner. This works well for downloadable planners as well. I get the smaller punch because I don’t plan on printing vast amounts of pages and punching them very often- I’m an as I go kind of girl.

There are a ton of other great accessories to go with these systems. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dividers to divide subjects

Tab Post-Its for sub-dividing lessons.

And more Post-It Flags for more organizing!

Creating A Customized Homeschool Planner and Making It Fit YOUR Homeschool Needs.

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