Grab a copy of my new Ultimate Homeschool Workbook. This workbook has been a pet project of mine for some time. I have been working hard to complete something that would walk a new homeschooler through the steps of getting started. I also wanted it to be something that veteran homeschoolers could use as a resource to keep themselves organized.

The Ultimate Homeschool Workbook


If you have any of my other homeschool planners I have included a matching version of the cover for you. I always like to include two covers so that you can personalize your planner to suit your style.

The workbook includes 0ver 25 pages of information. Some of the things you might find are included: addressing your state’s laws, assessing your child’s learning style, free curriculum resources, tools to help you on your way and a bit of advice to help you on your way! I hope this workbook blesses you and helps you on your journey! Please let me know in the comments if I forgot to include anything.


Get the Ultimate Homeschool Workbook and access to our Subscriber’s Only Page including our Letter of the Week Program now.

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4 comments on “The Ultimate Homeschool Workbook”

  1. Ok, so I’d really like this Homeschool Workbook, but I’ve put my name and email in twice, and it just loops me around and asks for it again. How can I access it?

  2. This is incredibly wonderful. We’ve been pushed to homeschool due to health issues and this has helped me feel so much less stressed about it. Bless you!

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