Each Monday this year I will be posting my lesson guide for both children. It will be a complete guide with all the footwork done for you. This post will go up one week ahead so you can gather any supplies if you plan to follow along with us. I will include links to printables we are using, as well as links or written instructions for activities we will be doing.

My lesson guides will be planned for both my tot, and preschooler so you can follow along with the lesson plan that suits your needs best! If this happens to be your first year homeschooling I recommend you grab a library card. We use a lot of books for our unit studies, or if you have a kindle you can try kindle unlimited. Most importantly have fun this year!

Our theme is for this week is the beach! This theme for both Boober (my son, the preschooler) and Mokey (my daughter, the tot).

Preschool Homeschool Beach Theme Unit Study Weekly lesson guide with activities suggestions, circle time printables, free kindle books, printable pre-k packs and more to make lesson planning super easy.


Both Boober and Mokey will be doing the following things together:

Eating/Drinking these snacks: Beach in a bucket, Ocean drink- or blue kool aid as it is known in the real world!, Goldfish crackers, Mac and Cheese made with shell noodles

These activities: A Beach Sensory Bin filled with sand, seashells, buckets, and small shovels; Making an ocean shoe box diorama, and hand stamping fishes.

Diving into these Books or Dvds together:


Watching these shows or movies on Netflix together: The Magic School Bus: Season 4 Episode 2 “Goes to Mussel Beach” and Season 5 Episode Episode 2 “Takes a Dive”  and we may watch an episode or two of Octonauts.

Studing this Bible Story together: Jonah and the Whale

Singing this Circle Time Song together: Down by the bay and Five little Sea shells (click the links for printable lyrics)

Tell this Circle Time Joke: What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay? A BAYGULL! (Get it, Bagel???)

For the Tot:

Language Arts: Letter B

Weekly Color: Blue

Math: Counting 1-3

Language Arts: Letter A

For the Preschooler:

Math: Review of Counting 1-10

Science: Ocean Habitat

Language Arts: Letter Review A thru D

All together as a family: For our weekly theme wrap up we will pop some popcorn and sit down a watch Finding Nemo.


Printable packs used for the Tot and Preschool are from:



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